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The Edmonton Arts Council is committed to equity in all aspects of its work, and invites proposals from all potentially interested individuals. We thank all applicants for contributing their time and professional work.

Call to Edmonton Metropolitan Region Artists - Windermere Fire Station (RFQ)

The Edmonton Arts Council, on behalf of the City of Edmonton, seeks an Edmonton Metropolitan Region* based artist or artist team to create an artwork to be installed in 2021 outside of Windermere Fire Station. Three shortlisted artists will work with Curator Michelle Schultz to develop full proposals.

The artwork will be publicly accessible on a semicircular concrete pad in front of Windermere Fire Station. The pad is next to a bioswale (a recessed area landscaped with plants and grasses for stormwater absorption). The three-dimensional artwork(s) should be self supporting and/or mechanically fastened to the pad.

$75,000.00 CAD (maximum, all inclusive)

Deadline for Submissions:
4:30 pm MST on Monday, October 28, 2019

Summer/Fall 2021

For more information, or to book an appointment, please contact either the EAC or curator at:

Artists are strongly encouraged to submit their enquiries to Michelle Schultz. Questions and answers will be shared via an "Ask the Curator" FAQ on the EAC Blog.

The Edmonton Arts Council is committed to equity in all aspects of its work and invites proposals from all potentially interested parties. We thank all applicants for their time and professional interest in this call.

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Call for Applicants :: Edmonton Arts Council Public Art Selection Committee Roster

The Edmonton Arts Council (EAC), on behalf of the City of Edmonton, requests applications from Edmonton-based arts professionals and arts-oriented community members to be included on our Public Art Selection Committee roster. Selection Committees reflect the full diversity of the City of Edmonton, including members of the city's Indigenous and culturally diverse communities, and artists at all career levels.

Public Art Selection Committees play a vital role in the Public Art commissioning process. Committee members serve as evaluators, providing recommendations for each public artwork commissioned through the City of Edmonton Policy C458B - "Percent for Art to Provide and Encourage Art in Public Areas".

Many submissions are reviewed each year. The EAC attempts to engage a wide spectrum of artists and community in this process. Selection Committees typically review all submitted artist proposals and project descriptions, as well as support material for suitability, relevance, and quality

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