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Public Art Master Plan

EDMONTON PUBLIC ART MAP is a Public Art Master Plan that was approved by Edmonton City Council in September 2008.

Edmonton Public Art MAP:

PROVIDES a guide for the future, real, and imagined platforms of a diverse range of public art in the greater City of Edmonton while supporting excellence in urban design;

SERVES as a plan to activate a new directive for public art—with an Edmonton-based approach – inside a national and international context;

FILLS the current needs and creates an infrastructure for forthcoming public art projects, while inspiring new ideas and outcomes about the creative potential of the public realm;

ADDRESSES a feedback loop of creation, reaction, caretaking, education, and outreach in public art;

CREATES a dynamic urban gallery environment of public art for the public to engage with from a multitude of entrance points (conceptually, physically, participatory) which challenges, inspires, and continually renews the City of Edmonton.

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