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Percent for Art is a program that allows the City of Edmonton to acquire artwork for public spaces, in accordance with the City of Edmonton policy “Percent for Art to Provide and Encourage Art in Public Areas” (C458C). Edmonton developed its Percent for Art policy in 1991. The Edmonton Arts Council directs the Percent for Art program and provides vision for and stewardship of the City of Edmonton Public Art Collection.

For current calls to artists for Percent for Art projects, see Public Art Calls.

For a list of works the EAC has commissioned under the City of Edmonton's Percent for Art policy, visit the Public Art Online Gallery or look at past annual reports.

The Edmonton Arts Council administrates the Percent for Art policy and provides advice and services about public art to the City of Edmonton. The City of Edmonton's Public Art Policy Suite is located below. 

C547: Public Art Administration, Registration and Outreach Policy

The purpose of this policy is to ensure Edmonton’s public art will be administered in an effective, coherent and unified way in the procurement, conservation, education and outreach of the City’s public art collection and programming.

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C548: Public Art Accession, Selection Criteria and Gift Policy

The purpose of this policy is to create a transparent process and standards for how public artworks are attained, and to collect the best quality of artworks.

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C458C: Percent for Art Policy

The Percent for Art Policy allocates a percentage of the City of Edmonton's capital budget of qualifying projects for the procurement of public art. Edmonton developed a Percent for Art policy in 1991.

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C549: Public Art Conservation, De-accession and Re-site Policy

The purpose of this policy is to conserve and maintain a high quality collection of public art, with standards for removing artworks from the collection or for re-siting artworks.

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