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Transitory public art projects support artists in conducting experimental or contemporary interventions with the public realm, and can include for example, online or virtual projects, radio art, light art, video projections, performance, etc. The short-term nature of these projects helps to develop a greater understanding of public art and acceptance and demand for permanent public artworks. This program will stimulate dialogue and new ways of thinking about our neighborhoods and the public realm, while inspiring our local artists and cultivating future public artists and audiences.

Nina Haggerty Centre for the Arts & Pattison Outdoor Advertising Partnership

In a new iteration of the transitory public art project formerly known as #YEGCanvas, the Edmonton Arts Council has partnered with Pattison Outdoor Advertising and the Nina Haggerty Centre for the Arts to showcase 41 artworks representing a variety of artists with developmental disabilities who work out of the Nina.

The installation of the artworks began on October 12, and the works will be on full display throughout Edmonton's LRT system over the next 24 weeks. Also on display are 41 digital posters rotating on the platform level of Churchill LRT Station corresponding to the posters displayed across the line. These artworks will also be displayed in their original form at TIX on the Square for the duration of the project.

The participating Nina artists are: Sarah Dans, Kimberly Casarin, Christine Jarock, Cheryl Anhel, Carrie Wheeler, Brittany Leitheiser, Rodney D., Randy Stennes, Nicole McKenley, Montana Phillip, Lora Pallister, Linda Vincent, Ashley Chan, Leona Clawson, Kelsey Hawkins, John Barayuga, Jaymee Howarth, Grace Willard, Gerald B., Jared Quinney, Jamie Laventure, Hans Nuis, Scott Berry, Amynah Pirani, Aaron Harvey, AJ McKerlie, Boyd Dymchuk, Yvette Prefontaine, Uli Rossier, Tim Crnkovic, Shannon Dosser, Vanessa Ryl, Damanjit Grewal, Amber Tyreman, Dean Bardal, Decinti Simpson, Desiree McCook, Eli Abada, Steven Niles, and Samantha Crier.

Learn more about this project on the YEGArts blog

Light the Bridge (Transitory Public Art Call 2015)


The 2015 Transitory Public Art Call invited Edmonton-based artists to submit their proposals for dynamic and "everyday" lighting programs to enrich the High Level Bridge lights. These programsare designed to take full advantage of the technology and software supporting this infrastructure project and provide Edmonton's Civic Events Office with a repertoire of artist-led programs that enhance the otherwise static "themed" lighting schemas. (e.g. green and gold/orange and blue for Edmonton Eskimo/Edmonton Oilers home games; pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Week etc). Artists Light the Bridge launched on Canada Day 2015 with Edmontunes; a musical mosaic - lights dancing to six decades of Edmonton music.

SCOTT PETERS is an award-winning Lighting Designer, Production Manager, Musician, and long time Edmonton resident who has worked in Edmonton's Arts and Cultural Industry for over twenty-five years. Scott is currently Production Manager and resident Lighting Designer for Theatre Network as well as Lighting Director for The Silver Skate Festival, The Interstellar Rodeo, Shakespeare in the Park, and NextFest.

His roots for lighting Edmonton go deep, as the Lighting Director for The Edmonton International Fringe Festival, The Kaleido Family Arts Festival, The Deep Freeze Festival (2007-2010), as well as countless other one-off events in Edmonton. He even had a small part in the iconic Telus Tower Christmas Trees. Scott is well versed in the use of LED technology and has used them extensively in his festival and theatre work.

He says, "Lights and sound go together like Edmonton and winter, and being an award winning musician (founding member of Captain Tractor), no one knows this better than me. Orchestrating lights and music is a joy for me, and I love to design lighting for musicals, and live music events like Interstellar Rodeoetc). I speak the language of music as well as I speak the language of lighting, and I love molding the two together."

JASON KODIE is an award winning musician from Edmonton and has been a part of the Edmonton music community for the past 25 years. He has played diverse local, national and international stages including the Smithsonian (Washington, DC), National Arts Centre (Ottawa, ON), and the 2010 Vancouver Olympics as well as the Edmonton Folk Music Festival, Silver Skate Festival, and with the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra.

He has also helmed festivals and served served as the Artistic Curator for Edmonton's Cultural Capital Porject as well as rapporteur for the city in 2006. The highlight of that celebration was the New Years eve show in Churchill Square for which he orchestrated a 13 minute musical medley of Edmonton music for the fireworks display. Kodie is also composer, sound designer, music director, and radio personality appearing on CBC Radio's "The In Crowd" since 2006.

"Working on a team for a common goal is as natural to me as breathing. I enjoy the challenge of creating something out of nothing, while using our collective experiences to help achieve amazing results. Edmonton is a great city, and is evolving into a fantastic hub of possibility. I view this project, Light the Bridge, as further support to this fact, and am excited by its potential."

Impose, by the Threshold Collective (Transitory Public Art Call 2014)

In late 2013, the Edmonton Arts Council initiated a Transitory Art Call to Edmonton-based curators, artists, and/or design teams. Teams were invited to submit proposals for transitory art projects to be hosted in one of several City of Edmonton locations such as the River Valley, city parks, municipal building, and other public sites. The budget was set at $30,000 maximum which was intended to cover all artist/curatorial fees, materials, promotion, permits, and other expenses.

Transitory Public Art can be effective in engaging the public and supporting increased understanding of public art, which can support increased acceptance and demand for permanent public artworks. The goal of the Call is to encourage dialogue between artists and the community. The anticipated outcomes are the creation of new attitudes and perceptions about the concept of “place”; deeper support for local artists; cultivation of local public artists and audiences.

The Threshold Collective, led by Edmonton artist Jesse Sherburne is comprised of three artists currently enrolled in the Industrial Design Program at the University of Alberta; Sebastian Sauve-Hoover, Brad Comis, Danielle Soneff.  Their proposalcalls for the installation of three treehouses,which are representative of architectural styles commonly found in and around Edmonton. The inaccessible scale models will be situated in Churchill Square as well as next to the Winspear Centre for Music.

The proposed intervention superimposes private and intimate suburban spaces upon the urban environment and shared public space.Throughout the day, the treehouses will periodically animated by sounds of domestic life during the day, and further brought to light by the inclusion of interior light after dark. The treehouses will be up for 30 days in spring, 2015.

Ramble in the Bramble

 Ramble in the Bramble was an environmentally inspired transitory public art exhibit in Whitemud Creek Park. From September 6-27, 2013 the work of 10 artists explored the relationship between art and its environment.

The pieces were designed to peacefully coexist with the natural surroundings. Made of recycled and found materials, the works responded to the environment rather than imposing upon it.

Playful, and thoughtful, the exhibition was set up as a  walking tour along the path connecting the south end of the footbridge in the Alfred Savage Centre parking lot with the Whitemud Creek bridge. 

Ramble in the Bramble poster designed by Jill Stanton.

Click here to explore Ramble in the Bramble

To hear the souncscape crated by Nulle Part, click here


Dirt City :: Dream City 2012


Curated by Kendall Henry, Dirt City :: Dream City brought together 15 Edmonton artists to create site-specific public artworks throughout the Quarters area of the Boyle Street community. These collaborations delved into the past, looked to the future, wallowed in the grit and radiated in the sometimes-hidden beauty of this inner-city, historic area. Edmontonians experienced provocative and innovative public interventions on street corners and in parking lots.

Inspired by transitory public art interventions in various cities around the world, this project was part of a continuing,  strong, arts-driven revitalization in the area.

Dirt City :: Dream City received an Award of Excellence in the Community-Based Projects category at the 2013 Edmonton Urban Design Awards.


ART's Birthday 2009 - Underwater Gala



ART’s Birthday is an annual event first proposed by French Artist Robert Filliou in 1963 as a public holiday to celebrate the presence of art in our lives.  Today, artists and friends of the arts from around the world have taken up the idea.  From lavish gatherings to mailart, through videophones and music composed for telephones, the celebrations are many and varied.  Better belated than never, Film and Video Arts Society - Alberta (FAVA) and the Edmonton Arts Council presented The Underwater Gala on February 28th, 2009. Highlights of the evening included performances by Mile Zero Dance, sound art by Treejam & Westfalia as well as a peculiar Viking synchro-team performance and video projections by Chris Payne.  Most importantly, guests were invited to be a part of the ART by jumping into the pool, clothes and all, while underwater video and photographic footage was taken.

rive Edmonton



The Dérive is a psychogeographical exploration of the city. Psychogeography is about the way the city looks and feels, and conversely how this makes people feel; about the patterns, structures, and visual form that make up the urban space. Derive tours can be done anywhere, as individuals or small groups - bring along tools to document your experience, such as cameras, recorders, or sketchbooks.

Dérive Edmonton: a psychogeographic exploration of the city
An interview with Kristy Trinier by Marcus Miller 

Download PDF

Dérive Brochure: take a psychogeographic tour in your city
Design by Vikki Wiercinski, Research by Christopher Payne

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Store Front Cinema Night 2008

The Stony Plain Road and Area Business Association partnered with FAVA and the Edmonton Arts Council to present Store Front Cinema on November 29, 2008. Curated by Patrick Ares-Pilon, a selection of film, video art and animation were projected along the shop windows. The road was closed to traffic and the streetlights were turned off for the event, which transformed the area for one night of cinema magic.

Store Front Cinema is returning for a second year in 2009 on October 16 and 17. Visit the Store Front Cinema website for more information and find out how you can get involved. 

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