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The Open Source Street Art Pilot concluded on March 31, 2016.

The walls are no longer available for legal street art.



About the Pilot

The Open Source Street Art Pilot program was a two-year street art pilot, developed by the City of Edmonton and the Edmonton Arts Council designed to allow local artists to legally practise their street art in designated locations without fear of criminal prosecution.

Edmonton Arts Council and City of Edmonton personnel monitored the sites for spillover graffiti vandalism in an effort to determine the effectiveness of the walls in reducing graffiti vandalism. The results will be analyzed.

The goals of the Open Source Street Art Pilot were:

  • to promote legal and safe sites for artists in Edmonton and;
  • to evaluate the factors that will make the sites successful in Edmonton.

Unique in Canada, this pilot incorporated several components to evaluate success including:

  • pre and post evaluations of graffiti vandalism surrounding each site,
  • Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) studies,
  • and a proactive graffiti spill over clean up strategy.

The walls were located at the Tweddle Place Tennis Building in Old Strathcona and the back wall of the Whyte Avenue location for Tire Craft. We anticipate that this pilot will transition to a "mural alley" featuring semi-permanent murals by street artists. The Tire Craft wall as well as the Paint Spot and other businesses located along the alley between 101 and 102 streets are propsed locations.

You can visit the Open Source Street Art Facebook Group for further news, view artwork by local artists, and find information about workshops.

Artists are encouraged to use the legal wall located at 95 Street & 105 Avenue on the LRT Portal (North Side)

This site was developed by The Art & Design in Public Places program (The Places) and was not part of the Open Source Street Art Pilot Project


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